Army Cash Advance

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We understand that soldiers can find themselves in difficult financial situations. And many times, when they need a little extra cash to make ends meet or to pay for unexpected expenses, visiting a payday loan company may seem like their best option. But with high fees and automatic rollover practices, payday loans can put a soldier into an endless debt cycle. Our representatives have developed a safe, low-cost alternative to payday loans—our HELP Loan. The HELP LOAN is a short-term, non-renewable loan designed to meet immediate cash needs.

  • One time loan of $500 (non-renewable)
  • Four equal monthly payments
  • Total fees and interest $25.24

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

For more than 20 years we have provided customers with a satisfaction guarantee on our loan products. If one of our customers is not 100 percent satisfied, they can cancel the loan within 15 days at no cost.