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HAPPY VETERANS DAY 2015 | Veteran Day 2015

History of Veterans Day | What is Veteran Day

What is veterans day and how it all started?? To find out the answer to this question we will have to go back to 19th century. The most  hostilities of the first world war ended on eleventh hour of 11th day of the 11th month 1918. From that time on-wards 11th November is celebrated as veterans day to honor all the veteran of the first world war. but later after the 2nd world war US president Reagan announced 11th November as veterans day and official federal holiday of USA. Thereafter that day was celebrated to honor all the Veterans of US till today. who all have served the army for over years and sacrificed, their lives for well being of common people. World war 1 had a great impact on the whole world.  It is also known as the “great war”. Most of the countries  of the world were affected in this war. All the resources of the world were at a great loss including human resources. Thousands of American soldiers had lost their lives in this war. After this war it was that the American ministry and American civilians decided to pay tribute to their soldiers who fought for them and lost their lives. on  11th November 1918 major hostilities of the 1st world war had ended officially. This day was called Armistice day. Armistice  day was called  upon to pay triute and thanksgiving day  for their job and every thing they did to keep their people safe and secure.

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HAPPY VETERANS DAY 2015 | Veteran Day 2015

What Happens on Veterans Day??

Formally veterans day was also known as armistice day. On this day US veterans and civilians gather for sound ceremony and parade. The US civilians also perform thanksgiving ceremony for the veterans. military soldiers tell their stories about protecting the nation during Wars. Personal experience of aged militants shared by them is very heart touching. The application to participate in the parade starts 2 3 months before the veterans day. Veterans day is celebrated to honour the veterans of all wars. In other parts of the world it is known by other names like Martyr’s day in India. The purpose behind the celebration is same. That is to honour the soldiers who have sacrificed their  lives for their country.  But the difference is that the soldiers in India had sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the country they are called Martyr’s. And veterans are the soldiers who lost their lives during 1st world war 2nd world war and all others wars. During veterans day they call upon parades and It is federal holiday.  The living veterans share their experiences with the people.  The family and widow of the veteran join the parade. On veterans day there is official holiday.  Some restaurants and malls provide discount and special offers on veterans day.

Veteran’s Day Public holiday

Veterans day is a federal holiday all over US workers and students have a day off. The workers who need to work on this day get paid extra for their work. Many restaurants provide discounts and free meals to the soldiers and their families.

Veterans day is on 11th November as major hostilities of the 1st world war had ended on 11th November 1918 on the 11th hour and 11th minute. So all the business is stopped and they observe 2 minutes silence at 11 am. The president and ministers also gather for the parade.  many veterans would be seen on wheel chair waving the union jack..

This all points we have covered in this post on HAPPY VETERANS DAY 2015 | Veteran Day 2015, hope you like Our post. Our next post would be on Armistice Day. … When  and how it  is celebrated. If you like our post please do comments.

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