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Armistice DAY 2015 | Meaning OF Armistice DAY

History of Armistice Day | What is Armistice Day

Armistice day coincides With the veterans day and remembrance day ie on 11th November.  Armistice day is celebrated in some countries like New  Zealand, France,  Belgium and Serbia and in other countries. It was officially first observed in Buckingham palace in London on 11th November 1919. Armistice day marks the signing of the armistice between the Allied national and Germany on 11th November  to cease the hostilities of world war 1. A big bell was rung to declare armistice.  many soldiers came to know about the cessation but many others thought it is just another day of the war. Formally known as armistice day it came to be known as veterans day after 1954.  but in some places they continued the name armistice day  like New Zealand  France etc.

Armistice DAY, Meaning of Armistice DAY, History of Armistice Day, What is Armistice Day, What Happens on Armistice Day, Difference Between Armistice Day And Veterans Day

Armistice DAY 2015 | Meaning OF Armistice DAY

What Happens on Armistice Day??

Last year ie 2014 marks 100 years of armistice day  from 1914 to 2014. A 2 minutes silence is observed every where in the whole country to mourn for the soldiers. Every where in schools offices and malls. . A parade is held for the celebration of armistice day along with the sound ceremony.  thousands of people participate in the parade including the families of the veterans. The soldiers tell their stories about the war time. How they fought against the enemies and what all difficulties they went through. In the beginning of 1939 , in Britain Armistice day was moved to the nearest Sunday and observed a two minutes silence for those who passed away in the war. They observed this on Sunday so as not to interfere with the war time production if at all it falls on weekdays. After the end of 2nd world war, Most of the armistice day events were moved on to the Sunday so as to commemorate with both the wars. These changes were made in many countries including Britain. This combination was named remembrance day or remembrance Sunday. In recent years armistice day has become very popular event and many people have started attending the 11 am ceremony held at Cenotaph in London. an event organised by The western Front Association.

Meaning Of Armistice Day |  Difference Between Armistice Day And Veterans Day

A world war 2 veteran said 7 in 1973 that veterans’ day become armistice day but armistice day was sacred and veterans day is not. Armistice day was said to be sacred Because it symbolize the feeling of  fear of the war, pain and suffering of the families of the veterans who were in the war, military incompetence and greed  on the highest limit for those who had been. A part of the war.
Veterans day on the other hand celebrates heroism of those who served and encourages heroism for those who want to be part of the is service. Some soldiers believe that armistice day was better than veterans day as it was the actual thanksgiving while veterans day is just emptiness and show off. But if we think from both the side we can say that both day (armistice day and veterans day) should be made every year for those who are serving for our country and for those who have served their life for our country, so both the days are very important for our country.

This all points we have covered in this post on Armistice DAY 2015 | Meaning Of Armistice DAY, hope you like Our post. Our next post would be on Remembrance Day. … When  and how it  is celebrated. If you like our post please do comments.



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